Connecting Expertise at the Colorado College Alumni Climate and Sustainability Forum

I had so much fun supporting an alumni event for my alma mater, Colorado College here in NYC. A lot of students are drawn to Colorado College by the landscape and ecology of the region. When we graduate, many of us take those broadened and deepened interests into the wide world to work to address sustainability and climate change. One of my former professors, Economist Mark Smith, decided to convene a gathering of NYC alumni so we could network with like minded people around our shared interests. Mark was one of my favorite professors, so when I saw his name on the event invite, I offered to capture the conversation with large scale visual notes. It was fascinating hearing from the varied alumni from the 70's to recent grads to everything in between. Being in one of the world's great built environments, it's not surprising that several attendees focused on designing sustainable housing and commercial buildings. And of course there were folks who worked in the finance industry (hello New York!), but with a social impact angle. There were educators, political organizers, funders, and more. Some people did not work directly with sustainability or climate change, but had an interest in being part of the conversation. Once a liberal arts student, always a liberal arts student.


Above: It was like we were back in class! Only this time with someone capturing the conversation with large scale visual notes! Here are folks doing some thinking and reflecting during a break, using the visuals as a conversation catalyst.


Above: contrasting the bigger/faster/stronger approach to an efficiency model. 


Above: situating environmentalism in the broader tapestry of social justice movements.


And of course, as members of the Colorado College community, we had to go on a strenuous hike! Professor Smith and I trekked from the Harvard Club in the East 40's through Central Park and back downtown before the event. It was great to catch up with him after many years.  And I loved connecting with NYC based CC alumni to learn about how our community is working to address some of our biggest challenges.