Conferences and Meetings:

Visualize Good provides visual listening services for conferences, trade shows, forums, town halls, political rallies, focus groups, hackathons, C-suite meetings, sales pitches, product design sessions, and pretty much any kind of meeting where on-site engagement and a vivid record is critical. Here are some of the services Visualize Good provides.

Visual Interviews: Engage event participants in 1-on-1 interviews to create info-murals of meeting participants’ ideas and takeaways. There’s something powerful about having ideas visualized in real time.

client: Community health network. event: spring soiree.

client: Community health network. event: spring soiree.

client: touchlab. event: droidcon NYc.

client: touchlab. event: droidcon NYc.

Visual Listening: Capture the ideas and information bouncing around the room at your event or meeting. People soak up the visuals during breaks, and share them via social media to extend the reach of your event. Visual listening is sometimes referred to as graphic recording or large scale visual note taking, but whatever you call it, it’s a powerful method to build engagement, understanding, and buzz.


Pre-meeting Visualization: Set the tone of your meeting with pre-drawn visuals that participants see the moment they walk in the door.

Client: Solid Fire Consulting

Client: Solid Fire Consulting

Get everybody drawing! When people draw, they think better, share better, and remember better. Visualize Good teaches everybody how to draw on-site at conferences and meetings to turn gatherings into nexuses of creativity.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 3.39.12 PM.png

Animated Videos:

An animated video is a powerful way to get your message across in a relatable way.

Client: United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development. Illustration: Jonny Goldstein, animation: Bill Moore, script: Foosa, LLC.

Client: Yahoo. Illustration: Jonny Goldstein, Script: David Pogue, Video Production, Yahoo. This one is not exactly about changing the world, but it does get some valuable information out about a piece of software that is crucial for most any kind of designer. 

Client: Flashgroup. Script, illustration, directing: Jonny Goldstein, Animation Bill Moore. This is for a straight up commercial project, but it's a good example of an animated whiteboard video.


Whiteboards can be a powerful collaboration, planning, and problem solving tool for your team. I show your team how to level up with their whiteboard skills to make them more effective in making good things happen. This video shows highlights from a daylong workshop in Philadelphia.