Visualize Your Career Success at Reboot, Sept 10, 2016

Feel like getting a little career inspiration? Join me and a cast of fine folks the Reboot Workshop. It's a 1 day gathering focused on growing your career. I'll be adding some visual thinking goodness to the mix. Whether you are a freelancer, own your own business, or just want to be more entrepreneurial in the way you think about your career, this is for you.

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When: Saturday, Sept 10, 2016

Where: qLabs 16 West 22nd Street Floor 6

What: If you understand how important learning is to keeping your career or business healthy, you will have a blast at the upcoming Reboot Workshop. I will be infusing the event with visual thinking to get you drawing, visualizing, and imagining. There will be a host of excellent speakers to get your brain moving, and then there will be break out groups where people learn from each other. Here's the official description:

"Reboot Workshop is a hybrid event with talks and an unconference. The event starts with a group of short-format ignite talks followed by community proposed topics. Sessions are led by participants as well as speakers. Come with questions, knowledge, and an appetite to teach and learn. Lunch will be provided.

Unconferences are a format where the audiences chooses the topics for the event. We’ve hand picked a small group of thought leaders in fields such as art, technology, and entrepreneurship. This is a one of a kind opportunity to pick the brains of professionals working in these diverse fields and add your two cents to the dialogue. As an audience member you can suggest topics for breakout sessions and you vote on which topics are covered.

The theme for this Reboot Workshop is Education. Each speaker is involved in some aspect of education and learning. We all believe in the mission of lifelong learning and making learning fun. If you believe in this too and if you have something to teach or to learn, you’re encouraged to bring your thinking cap and get involved."



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Engagement Editor, Polygon


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Freelance Strategist/Consultant



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