Client: This animation was a personal project. I felt drawn to create a simple hand drawn animation with no narration making the case that repealing the Affordable Care Act was (and is) a bad idea.

Goal: Encourage US citizens to call their congressional representatives to urge them to oppose the repeal of the ACA. This has been shared many times and I hope it in some tiny part contributed to keeping the protections that the ACA offers and keeping 24 million people in coverage who would lose that coverage under Ryan's misguided bill.

Credits: Illustration, concept, text, animation: Jonny Goldstein. Music by

Client: United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development.

Goal: To create a brief video which got across IFAD's mission--reducing global rural poverty through improving farmers' capacity to farm more effectively.

Credits: Illustration, direction: Jonny Goldstein, animation: Bill Moore, script: Foosa, LLC. Goal: get 

Client: Yahoo. Illustration: 

Goal: Create a funny, informative, on-brand video for tech reviewer David Pogue's show on Yahoo.

Credits: Jonny Goldstein, Script: David Pogue, Video Production, Yahoo.

Notes: Technically, this is live action video of an actor (me) Drawing while chatting with David Pogue. I'd call it one of the simplest forms of animation, mashed up with live action comedy.


Client: Flashgroup.

Goal: Tell a story about the value of Flashgroup's recommendation engine for potential clients and investors.

Credits: Script, illustration, direction: Jonny Goldstein, Animation Bill Moore.